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Tourist Attractions in Falmouth, Trelawny Jamaica, West Indies

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Falmouth the Historical Capital of the Parish of Trelawny

Falmouth, capital of the Parish of Trelawny, is situated on Jamaica's north coast near Montego Bay. Falmouth is a small town on the north coast of Jamaica, 22 miles from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Falmouth offers an insight into everyday Jamaican town life and its colonial past.

Founded by Thomas Reid in 1769, Falmouth flourished as a county seat and market center for the Parish of Trelawny for forty years. Jamaica had become the world's leading sugar producer. The town was named after the birthplace of His Excellency Sir William Trelawny, Falmouth, Cornwall, England, and is noted for being one of the Caribbean's best-preserved historic towns.

During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Falmouth was one of the busiest ports in Jamaica. It was home to masons, carpenters, tavern-keepers, mariners, planters and others. It was a wealthy town in a wealthy parish with a rich racial mix.


Falmouth Tourist Attractions, Trelawny Jamaica

Explore an impressive 19th-century Georgian architecture, the buildings are still intact and are renowned for their unique gingerbread woodwork.


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