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Martha Brae Rafter's Village Falmouth Attractions, Trelawny Jamaica

Martha Brae Rafter's Village


High up in the dense, exotic mountain forests of Jamaica runs the Matibereon River, where visitors can take a step back in time and into legend. Back when sugar was transported to the sea on 30–foot bamboo rafts, it is said that an old Arawak witch changed the course of the river to drown a group of Spanish treasure hunters who tried to make her lead them to the Arawak gold.

Misunderstood translations renamed the river as the Martha Brae, and from a rafters' village of the same name, local captains will carry passengers on traditional rafts along the peaceful, sun–dappled river beneath the arching trees to spot wildlife and listen to the legend retold.

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Martha Brae River Rafting runs rafting trips that are suitable for all ages. Sit back and enjoy the river's exotic beauty as a guide poles your two–seat, 30–foot bamboo raft along the gentle Martha Brae River. Rafts such as this originally transported produce down the river to the merchant ships in the harbor. As you glide downstream, you'll see giant mango, breadfruit, and calabash trees, listen to the songs of the topical birds, and learn more about the Martha Brae River.

The Martha Brae takes its name from an Arawak Indian woman. According to legend, Spaniards looking for gold forced her to show them where a local gold mine was located. Rather than reveal its whereabouts, she used magic to change the course of the river–drowning herself and the Spaniards. Her ghost is said to still protect the entrance to the gold mine.

The three–mile river sojourn takes about 90 minutes. The tour begins and ends at the Rafter's Village in Trelawny, about 25 miles from Montego Bay. Here you can browse the crafters' goods, enjoy a refreshing drink, have a snack or lunch, or swim in the pool. The tour includes roundtrip transportation from your accommodations in Montego Bay.

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