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Accompong Maroon Tour: Montego Bay Attractions, Jamaica

Accompong Maroon Tour

Accompong is the mountaintop historic home of the Leeward Maroons. The term "Maroon" is believed derived from the Spanish word "cimmaroon" referring to "Wild and Feral" as the Maroons struck fear into the hearts of the English landholders.

Under the leadership of an ex–African Warrior Chief (Kojo or Cudjoe), freed slaves from the Spanish settlements who were set free when the Spanish inhabitants of Jamaica fled to Cuba before the English invasion joined in number with the escaped English plantation slaves and became a formidable foe in battle.

This exciting and informative tour of Accompong Town in St. Elizabeth displays the history and culture of the Maroons. The Maroons were run–away slaves who escaped into the hills and waged war against the British slave owners. They were such good war tacticians that, in 1739, the British were forced to negotiate for peace.

Visit Peace Cave where the treaty was signed. You may meet the bush doctor, who has amazing knowledge of local herbs and their uses. Enjoy the Maroon singers and dancers while dining on an authentic Jamaican lunch.

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