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Brimmer Hall Plantation Tour - St Mary, Jamaica

Brimmer Hall Plantation Tour

Brimmer Hall features a working agricultural plantation, a Great House and gift shop and the visit here includes a tour of the 18th century Great House, where antiques and history run rife and the plantation, giving details of the crops produced, such as banana, sugar cane, coconut and cocoa followed by a tasters feast!

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Brimmer Hall is located 21 miles east of Ocho Rios, in the hills, just outside the historic town of Port Maria (the capital of St Mary). This 1817 estate is an ideal place to spend a day. You can swim in the pool and sample a wide variety of brews and concoctions. The Plantation Tour Eating House offers typical Jamaican dishes for lunch, and there's a souvenir shop with a good selection of ceramics, art, straw goods, woodcarvings, rums, liqueurs, and cigars.

All this is on a working plantation where you're driven around in a tractor–drawn jitney to see the tropical fruit trees and coffee plants; the knowledgeable guides will explain the various processes necessary to produce the fine fruits of the island.

This working plantation is not only an expression of "Old World" style, but it also still produces sugar cane, pineapple, ackee (traditional Jamaican fruit), banana and coffee. On arrival, a tour of the historical building itself is offered, along with a demonstration of how the different crops are harvested. The journey through the property is by open–air jitney pulled by a tractor. There are also rest room facilities and a swimming pool.

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