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Trident Castle: Port Antonio Attractions & Sightseeing, Jamaica

Trident Castle


Jamaica – Port Antonio, Trident Castle This Jamaican wedding facility and its breath taking castle has over 40,000 square feet on the water, a helicopter pad, pool and 8 servants! We can also accommodate larger parties for Caribbean Jamaica weddings and meetings at the castle and Trident villas.

The Trident Castle is a place for a Fantasy Wedding of your dreams. The Castle is overlooking the Caribbean sea and is one of the largest and most glamorous homes in the Caribbean on 17 seaside acres. The jewel of Jamaica weddings!

Eight bedrooms and eight private baths. Additional guest rooms for 18 to 50 people available in nearby Trident Hotel (13 minute walk from The Castle).

The library, music room, bar and ballroom are staffed by our chef, chambermaids, waiter, gardeners, launders, and gatehouse guard.

There are four–course dinners nightly with white glove service. Masseuse and hairdresser by appointment. There is also a 30' by 55' private swimming pool along with a sound system, CD library, TV and satellite dish.

Private chapel on the grounds is located on a peninsula in the bay of Port Antonio with panoramic views of bay, sea, hill and gardens.

There is nearby private beach along with two tennis courts, croquet, and a top rated restaurant and boutique at Trident Hotel.

Caribbean weddingsThe Golf course along with water sports, deep sea fishing, sailboat charters, snorkeling, diving, river rafting is within 2 miles from the castle.

Port Antonio Attractions, Sightseeing and Tours - Place of interest to visit on your Jamaica Holiday

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