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Trelawny Holiday Resorts

Trelawny is one of the lesser developed holidays resort situated on a stretch of Jamaica's North Coast, approximately 23 miles east of Montego Bay and 30-minutes driving distance from Sangster International Airport.

Trelawny is a parish located on the northwest section of Jamaica in the county of Cornwall. Its capital is Falmouth. It is bordered by Saint Ann in the east, Saint James in the west, and parts of Saint Elizabeth and Manchester in the south.

In 1770, the wealthy planters in St James and St Ann succeeded in having sections of those parishes become the parish of Trelawny as they were too far from administrative centers. Trelawny was named after William Trelawny, the then Governor of Jamaica. The first capital was Martha Brae located two miles inland from Rock Bay.

Trelawny is best known for its sugar estates and sugar factories. It had more sugar estates than any other parish, so there was need for a sea coast town to export it. Falmouth became a thriving seaport and social center.

The citizens of Trelawny Parish are employed in manufacturing jobs, agriculture and tourism. Of course sugar cane is grown but also coconuts, ginger, coffee, pimento, bananas, yams and strawberries. Some are working in the commercial fishing industry with up to thirty boats going out each day. Diminished from a flourishing business is the sugar production. There are only eight factories producing sugar on the island. Of the eight, two of them are in Trelawny Parish. Among all industries, it is the tourist portion that is flourishing the most. Some major hotels are located here also. One has an interesting name, The Starfish Hotel. It is amusing to think of all the swimming pools at all these hotels that are considered necessary on an island surrounded by water.

Falmouth, Telwany was once a hustling port famous for the exporting of rum, sugar and molasses to Europe. Now it is just a fishing town and on Saturdays becomes a beehive of activity as weekends are the major shopping day for its residences.

Falmouth holiday offers plenty of watersports including bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, sailing, glass bottom boat ride, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy a selection of 18 holes golf courses, tennis, horse-riding and river rafting.

Most of Falmouth entertainment, dining and nightlife are found in and around resort hotels. Take a shopping excursion to the historic Water Square market, craft market, Montego Bay Marine Park, Glistening Waters, Croydon Coffee Plantation and the Jamaica Swamp Safari (Crocodile Farm).




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