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Versalles Hotel Mandeville, Mandeville Hotels & Villas, Jamaica

Versalles Hotel


Hotel Versalles, the shining jewel of Jamaica South Coast is situated in May Pen, Clarendon.


The hotel was established in 1991 as a small family run business by two brothers who started with 15 bedrooms which over the years has grown into a 62 bedroom hotel and apartments. Our room types varies to suit all requirements from standard rooms, to luxury suites, fully furnished studios and apartments all offering you the feeling of 'Home Away From Home'.

We have various room types available to suit all. These vary from 27 basic and standard rooms, 16 suites, 6 studios and 8 apartments, 1 master suite. All bedrooms include air conditioning, en–suite bathrooms, remote control television with local channels alongside cable television.

Our Suites - Our luxury suites feature a large room with a sofa chair and dining table and chair for your added comfort.

Studios And Standard Rooms - Our studios and apartments are fully furnished with fridge freezer, gas cooker, kitchen essentials, dining room area.

Our courteous team delivers personalized service to pamper your every need. We offer 24 hour hotel security alongside adequate parking.

Dining and Refreshment

Restaurants - We have two restaurants. The Grill caters for your typical Jamaican menu from Jerk Chicken to burgers and fries. The Chinese restaurant is themed for a slice of the oriental here in Jamaica complete with our Chinese chef.

Bar - This wood style bar with wooden tables and chairs is open daily from 6am until you say when.

Health and Recreation

Hotel Versalles provides our own purified spring water direct from the faucets from our very own natural spring located on site.

Leisure Services - Here at Hotel Versalles our courteous staff delivers personalized service to pamper your every need and among these services we offer swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Hotel Versalles also offers horseback riding, a jogging trail and lighted tennis court.

Business Facilities

Our corporate guests can enjoy our business services such as Wireless system (WIFI), photocopying, faxing and secretarial services upon request.

Conference Rooms - Our largest conference room can accommodate 500 guests for a seminar, wedding or banquet. This room is situated on the first floor which offers natural daylight, air conditioning, PA system, microphone and podium. Additional equipment can be provided upon request.

Main conference hall - We have two smaller meeting rooms which can accommodate up to 15 guests for private dining or private meeting facilities.

Mandeville Hotels and Villas: Holiday Accommodations in Mandeville, Clarendon, Jamaica


Hotel Versalles

42 Longbridge Road
May Pen
West Indies

Tel: 876-986-2775

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