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About Jamaica Scene

Jamaica scene is a primary online destination for information on life in Jamaica, Jamaica's history, its people, holidaying and having fun. We will take you on a journey through the history of Jamaica, its birth to present day. You will get an insight into the life of Jamaicans and what it like living in Jamaica. If you are planning to visit Jamaica, we will highlight the places to stay, interesting places to visit, where to eat, best shopping spots and entertainment venues.

Jamaica Hotels & Spa Resorts and Beach Hotels Resorts

We will provide you with information on all the major hotels, hotels & spas, all inclusive hotels, couples only hotels, five star luxury hotels, self catering and family friendly hotels. These hotels are listed base on the holiday resorts in which they are located. The hotels information will include hotel facilities, room/hotel amenities, restaurants, bars, entertainments, wedding facilities, business facilities, water sports actives and nearby attraction. More information

Jamaica Holiday Resorts

You will get detail information on all the holiday resorts in Jamaica. The information will be on the background of the resort such as its history, historic locations, famous beaches, attractions, restaurants, bars, nightlife and shopping. More information

Jamaica's Entertainment

The entertainment section of our site is there to help you find the best place to go for a night out with friends and family. We will also highlight any major entertainment events that will be taking place throughout Jamaica such as carnivals, beach parties, street party, reggae festival and reggae stage shows. More information

Jamaica's Tourist Attractions

We will feature all the popular tourist attractions that are in and around the major holiday resorts. We will also highlight some of the less know beauty spots and place of interest. We will also point you to place of high cultural values that will educate and inform you about Jamaica's history. More information

Reggae Artists and Reggae Groups

This section will feature all Jamaican artists from the birth of mento, onto ska, to reggae and today's popular dancehall reggae. Showing you the influences that great Bob Marley (Robert Nesta Marley), has made on the entertainment culture in Jamaica. More information

Water Sports in Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the best calm protected inshore waters that are ideal for watersports activities. We provide you with all the necessary information on the various watersports activities to help you have a more enjoyable holiday More information

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