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Rick's Cafe – Negril

Rick's Cafe

For thirty years the world famous Rick's Cafe has proven an enduring icon on the landscape of Negril, Jamaica. From meager beginnings back in 1974, Rick's Cafe was a small upstart cliffside haunt offering an alternative to Negril's majestic seven-mile beach. For tourists and locals alike, a reality and vibes was soon set in stone. The cliffs boast a magnificently unrivaled view of the Caribbean's most spectacular sunset.

Rick's grew into Negril's premier gathering spot and has remained such for over a quarter of a century. Like moths to a alike, a reality and vibe was great to flame, from Rastas to Rolexes, literally millions of our friends have joined us over the years in this most raucously public yet uniquely spiritual and personal tradition called Rick's Cafe.

Some are so moved that they choose to leap off our cliff forty feet above the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. In doing so, they are taking part in something bigger than themselves. If even for a few fleeting moments, with one step, they are joining thirty years of friends who have previously chosen to let the concerns of a life far, far away dissolve into the sea like the setting sun they have all come to worship.

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