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Jamaica Shopping Tours and Cruise Ship Shopping Excursions

Shopping Tours in Ocho Rios

New Ocho Rios Plaza

The New Ocho Rios Plaza hosts sixty different shops near the center of town, and other plazas can be found closer to the cruise docks and resorts. The Ocho Rios Craft Park is one of several handicraft venues, with one hundred fifty vendors selling carvings, traditional woven crafts, and even personalized items.

Taj Mahal Mall

Taj Mahal Mall located in the center of town with 26 duty-free stores.

Ocho Rios Craft Park

Ocho Rios Craft Park located in the center of town with 135 stalls. A vendor will weave a hat or a basket while you wait, or you can buy a ready made hat, hamper, handbag, place mats, or lamp shade. Other stands stock hand-embroidered goods and will make small items while you wait. Wood carvers work on bowls, ashtrays, statues and cups.

Island Plaza

Island Plaza located in the center of town has some of the best Jamaican art, all paintings by local artists. You can also purchase local handmade craft, carvings, ceramics, kitchenware and the inevitable T-shirts.

Island Village

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Island Village dubbed a "theme park" for its vivacity, Island Village offers numerous attractions. Located along four acres of beachfront and decorated in vibrant colors, the forty shops, various restaurants, and intermittent reggae shows offer a microcosm of Jamaican personality. Here visitors can enjoy Margaritaville at Ocho Rios, complete with rooftop whirlpool tub, water slide, and multiple bars. Reggae connoisseurs will want to visit Reggae Explosion, a museum dedicated to the origins and expressions of the distinctively Jamaican music.

Shopping Tours in Montego Bay

City Centre Shopping

Shop in the City Centre where most of the duty-free shops.

Holiday Village Shopping Centre

Holiday Village Shopping Centre, located across from the Holiday Inn, on Rose Hall Road, heading from Montego Bay toward Ocho Rios.

Old Fort Craft Park

Old Fort Craft Park, as its handicrafts are more varied. It's grazing country for both souvenirs and more serious purchases. This shopping complex with 180 vendors (all licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board), fronts Howard Cooke Boulevard (up from Gloucester Ave.

Crafts Market

Crafts Market, near Harbour Street in downtown Montego Bay, you can find a good selection of handmade souvenirs of Jamaica, including straw hats and bags, wooden platters, straw baskets, musical instruments, beads, carved objects, and toys.

Shopping Tours in Negril

Time Square Mall

Time Square Mall is located on Norman Manley Boulevard across from the much frequented nightclub Bourbon Each. More than five duty-free shops and souvenir stores await you, including a courtyard cafe.

Negril Crafts Market

Negril Crafts Market is collection of craft huts and is the largest center for crafts in the area. You can buy wood carvings, beds, jewelry, and other items from the craft market.

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