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Blue Mountains National Park: Port Antonio Attractions & Sightseeing, Jamaica

Blue Mountains National Park


Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is located in the eastern end of Jamaica. In 1990, Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park was declared Jamaica's first terrestrial national park. Located on the eastern end of the island, it protects one third of the approximately 30 percent of Jamaica that is still under natural forest cover, which is also the island's largest remaining tract of intact, closed–canopy, broadleaf forest.

The park is made up of two connected mountain ranges the shale–based Blue Mountains and the limestone–based John Crow Mountains. The Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain forests have among the highest endemism and total species diversity in the Caribbean.

When topography is taken into consideration, the area is 78,212 hectares (193,292 acres). The park is divided into three sections: Portland Gap which includes Stony Hill and the Hills of St Andrew; Hollywell and Annotto Bay; and Portland and Millbank which include the John Crow Mountains.

At least 150 resident and migratory bird species live in these mountains. Migratory species include the worm–eating warbler and the Swainson's warbler. The Jamaican blackbird, yellow–billed parrot, and ring–tailed pigeon are three of the 28 bird species found nowhere else on Earth.

These mountains also are prime habitat for tree frogs, giant swallowtail butterflies and the Jamaican hutia (a large rodent; also called the coney), the island's only land mammal. Trees such as mahogany, cedar, mahoe and broadleaf make up Jamaica's largest remaining intact, closed canopy rain forest.

Blue Mountain Coffee

The once forested, lower slopes of the Blue Mountains are now mostly grasslands but some areas are used for the cultivation of vegetables, spices and the world renowned Blue Mountain coffee. The first coffee seedlings were brought to Jamaica from Hispaniola in 1728 by the Governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes. The mountain slopes were cleared to establish coffee plantations and by the first quarter of the 19th century, Jamaica was the leading coffee producer in the world.


The BJCMNP contains the largest contiguous tract of closed broad–leaf forest in Jamaica, and its upper and lower montane rain–forests are recognized globally for their high biological diversity and threatened status. The core, Preservation Zone of the Park consists of closed primary forest with broad leaf trees and makes up 53.2% of the Park. 40% consists of modified forest, timber plantations and ruinate or degraded woodlands and these areas along with about 4% agricultural and residential make up the Preservation Zone Buffer and Recovery Zones.

Outside these areas, a 1 km–wide band is considered the Buffer Zone, in which Park management works with the rural communities to promote environmentally sustainable livelihoods and sustained, appropriate management of the area's natural and cultural resources.

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Blue Mountain National Park Sightseeing Tours and Excursions

Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park

  • Holywell Recreation Area
  • Blue Mountain Peak Trail
  • Portland Gap
  • Clydesdale Old Coffee Farm
  • Cinchona Botanical Garden

Duration: 7:00 Hours

Booking Enquiry or Call: +1876 771 9612

Blue Mountain Peak Trail

Hiking the Blue Mountain Peak Tour

  • Blue Mountain Peak Trail
  • Portland Gap
  • Blue Mountains National Park

Duration: 7:00 Hours

Booking Enquiry or Call: +1876 771 9612


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