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Jet Skiing (Jet Skis or Wave Runners) in Jamaica :: Jamaica Watersports

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Jet-Ski is the brand name of personal watercraft (PWC) manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. The four stroke engines have come on since the late 1990s, with the help of superchargers and the like the engines can output up to 250 horsepower or more.

Jet skiing is a mixture of water skiing and speedboat driving, with a hint of motorcycle racing thrown in for good measure. Jet skiing has established itself as a recognised form of watersport. Waverunners or Jet Skis as they are sometimes called have become one of the most popular sports throughout the world; from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the cooler waters of Europe and beyond.

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Explore the beautiful crystal clear Caribbean coastal waters of Jamaica Wave runner which are available to hire from most beach resorts such as Port Antonio – Portland, Montego Bay – Saint James, Negril – Westmoreland, Kingston – Capital of Jamaica, Ocho Rios – St. Ann, Discovery Bay – St. Ann, Treasure Beach – St. Elizabeth, Runaway Bay – St. Ann, FalmouthTrelawny, Trelawny – Cornwall and Boscobel Beach – St Mary.

All reputable operators will provide appropriate life vests and comprehensive instruction for all hirers. It is recommended that the rider wear a waterproof watch so as not to exceed the agreed rental time; all watersport operators will notify you if your time is up. If you like to cruise around on your own Jet Ski, then this is a perfect opportunity take in some of the best costal scenery while living on the edge.

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Take a jetski from the crescent shaped Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios. Where all water sports operator, operate under the Ocho Rios Water Sport Association; licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Association and the Jamaica Government. Ride the latest models of jet skis that are well maintain and ready for your enjoyment.

Jet Skiing equipment includes wet suit or dry suit, life jacket, helmet and all necessary safety equipment. In the tropical climate you will only need a life jacket along with a kill switch cable attached to your wrist in the event you fall into the water (power to the jet bike will be terminated).

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Jet Skiing  |   Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

Jet Ski Ride

½ Hour

Cost: $70.00 USD | £55.00 GBP | €61.00 EUR | $95.00 CAD

1 hour

Cost: $140.00 USD | £109.00 GBP | €122.00 EUR | $190.00 CAD

Group discount: $55.00 USD. - ½ Hour

Special discount: $50.00 USD. - ½ Hour

Guided coastal tour is available $110.00 US per person (group rate of 10% or more when you book).

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