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Para Sailing in Jamaica :: Jamaica Watersports


Para Sailing Charter  |   Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

para sailing boat at dock

Parasailing is a popular sport (land and water) which you are attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. The rider is set aloft in the air as the boat or vehicle drives forward at a speed sufficient to carrying the parascender into the air. The Parasail is attached to a long towrope, which is pulled along, by either a boat or vehicle. Parasailing is also known as parascending. Once the parascender is aloft he or she has little or no control over the parachute and can just sit back and enjoy the flight.

Parasailing is one of the safest ways to experience the sensation of flying and surprisingly it's also one of the most relaxing too. Paragliding is perfectly safe provided those involved complete the necessary training, ensure that their equipment are safe and act in a responsible manner.

para sailing parascender

Participants are first fitted with a strong harness and then two stainless steel clips connected the rider to the parachute. The harness is sturdy enough for you to sit in, therefore making the ride more relaxing and enjoyable. Take off and landings usually take place from a platform on the back of the boat (a winch which hydraulically launches and retrieves flyers directly onto a built in platform), although many people enjoy cooling off brief dip in the water, known as "touch and go".

Try your hand at parasailing where you will be rewarded with breathtaking bird's eye views of the crystal clear water below, the beautiful coral reefs, lust tropical coastline and the beautiful mountains beyond. Para sailing provide great airborne thrills that is a relatively relaxing and a peaceful pursuit. The passenger drifts into the air on launch and then once airborne is usually lulled into feelings of calm and rarely are affected by any sensations of falling.

Our experienced crew and the latest lift-off and landing technology allow you to fly away in ease, comfort and safety. Parasailing is a hobby for many and an adventure sport for the rest. The person tucked on to the parachute enjoys the sight of the sky above and water below. This exhilarating experience is a must for all thrill-seekers. Parasailing is one of many exciting activities, imagine soaring high above the earth and feel free as a bird watching the world beneath.

We will take you parasailing over the beautiful coast line of Port Antonio – Portland, Montego Bay – Saint James, Negril – Westmoreland, Kingston – Capital of Jamaica, Ocho Rios – St. Ann, Discovery Bay – St. Ann, Treasure Beach – St. Elizabeth, Runaway Bay – St. Ann, FalmouthTrelawny, Trelawny – Cornwall and Boscobel Beach – St Mary – we take you up to over 100 meters above the sea. No needs to get wet as you have a perfectly safe dry take off and landing on our parasailing boat.

Para Sailing Charter  |   Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

Para Sailing

Duration 10-15 mins

Cost: $60.00 USD | £38.00 GBP | €48.00 EUR | $68.00 CAD

Group discount: $50.00 USD.

Special discount: $45.00 USD.

Currency Symbols:

AUD = Austalian Dollars
CAD = Canadian Dollars
CHF = Swish Franc
EUR = Euro (European Union)
GBP = British Pound
HKD = Hong Kong Dollars
JMD = Jamaican Dollars
JPY = Japanese Yen
SEK = Swedish Krona
USD = US (United State of America) Dollars

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