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Scuba Diving in Jamaica :: Jamaica PADI Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving and Scuba Diving Certification Courses in Jamaica

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Scuba Diving Flag

Scuba diving is relatively easy to learn under the supervision of a fully professional certified PADI Dive Master. The beginner program is a unique opportunity for you to start your scuba experience. Learn the basics of scuba by an experienced instructor who will help you to set your scuba equipment, ready for you to get started.

PADI Open Water Diver Course - your PADI Instructor takes you through the basics of learning how to scuba dive. You start in a pool or pool-like conditions and progress to the open water getting the background knowledge along the way.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course - gives you the opportunity to try some of diving’s most rewarding and useful specialty activities, such as deep diving, digital underwater photography, wreck diving and much more. These skills make diving much more than underwater sightseeing.

PADI Rescue Diver Course - This course will expand your knowledge and experience level. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Although this course is challenging, it is a rewarding way to build your confidence. Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies.

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course - You learn about night dive planning, equipment and navigation.

Open Water Referral Course - After completing the Theory and Pool sessions at home, you can come and complete the 4 training dives in the Open Water.

Wreck Diving

Scuba Diving, Wreck Diving

Wreck diving gives you the opportunity to explore sunken automobile, boats, planes, shipwreck and submarines. Shipwrecks acts as a nursery and home to numerous marine life. Some wrecks are safe enough for you to explore and swim among the fish that live within.

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course - you get the skills, knowledge and procedures you need to explore a sunken ship, a plane or an automobile.

Dive amongst the wrecks of a sunken ship and see all the marine life that live within its empty shell. Discovery the abundant of different fish species that seek shelter from bigger predators and make it there nursery.

Scuba Diving Certification Courses

Full scuba diving courses are available including advanced open water diver, adventure diver, boat diver, deep diver, divemaster, drift diver, drysuit diver, master scuba diver, multilevel diver, night diver, open water diver, rescue diver, search and recovery diver, underwater navigation and wreck diver.

Montego Bay Dives Sites

Dive on some of the most popular dive site in Montego Bay including the Airport Reef, Airport Wall, Arena, Basket Reef, Cayman Trench Wall, Chubb Reef, Classroom, Cullins Cut, Dolphin Reef, Golden Fleece, Garden Of Eels, Half Moon Reef, Irie Reef, Montego Bay Marine Park, Pineapple Reef, Pleasure Reef, Round Hill Point, Sea World Reef, Sergant Major, Spanish Anchor, Steamer, Swimm Through, Underwater Sea Creatures, Village Reef and Widowmaker's Cave.

Ocho Rios Dives Sites

Dive on some of the most popular dive site in Ocho Rios including the Caverns, Devil's Reef, Dickie's Reef, Fish Feed, Ganja Planes, Jacks Hall, Nursery, Shipwreck, The Mountain, The Wall, Top of the Mountain, Trenches, Wow Cliff and Wreck of the Katryn.

Negril Dives Sites

Dive on some of the most popular dive site in Negril including the 40 Million Year Old Caves, Ballard's Reef, Blood Bay - Inner, Blue Castle Shipwreck, Bond Wreck, Booby Cay Island, Deep Plane - Bloody Bay Outer, Frenchman Hole, Gallery, King Fish Point, Middle Shoal Reef, Porpoise Pens Wall, Sands Club Reef, Shallow Plane, Snapper Drop, Spadefish Reef, The Arches, The Caves and The Throne Room.

Port Antonio Sites

Dive on some of the most popular dive site in Port Antonio including the Trident Wall, Alligator West, Alligator Head, Alligator Deep, Alligator long, Courtney's Reef, Fisherman's Reef, Bluehole, Dragon's Mouth, High Point, Fairy Hill, Two Houses and Boston.

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Ocho Rios Scuba Diving :: Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

Cost: $60.00 USD | £38.00 GBP | €48.00 EUR | $68.00 CAD

Duration: 1:15 – 1:30 hour (include all equipment, boat ride and certified dive master).

PADI Scuba Diving Certification
Cost: $450.00 USD | £284.00 GBP | €360.00 EUR | $513.00 CAD

Duration: 3-4 days - (3-4 hours per day include all equipment, boat ride and certified dive master).

PADI Scuba Lesson and Dive
Cost: $90.00 USD | £57.00 GBP | €72.00 EUR | $103.00 CAD

Include 1 lesson and 1 dive

Duration: 2-3 hours (include all equipment, boat ride and certified dive master).

PADI Resort course Dive
Cost: $90.00 USD | £57.00 GBP | €72.00 EUR | $103.00 CAD

Include 1 lesson and 1 dive

Duration: 2-3 hours (include all equipment, boat ride and certified dive master).

PADI 4 Tank Diving
Cost: $180.00 USD | £113.00 GBP | €144.00 EUR | $205.00 CAD

Duration: 2 tanks per day (include all equipment, boat ride and certified dive master).

Montego Bay Scuba Diving :: Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

1 Tank Dive - $60.00 USD
2 Tank Dive - $90.00 USD
Equipment rental - $20.00 USD
Wetsuit rental - $10.00 USD
The 6th Dive is free
Night Dive (minimum of four (4) persons) - $100 USD each
persons must have completed at least one (1) dive during day

Dive Courses & Experience Programms

PADI "SASY" for kids - $30.00 USD includes air snorkeling for children ages 5-8
PADI Bubble Maker - $50.00 USD Introducing kids ages 8-10 to scuba diving (pool only)
PADI Resort Course - (8:30 am daily) - $120.00 USD (same day dive) minimum age 10
Two-hour basic course includes - lecture, pool training & one (1) open water dive
PADI Scuba Diver Certification - $350.00 USD - includes all necessary dive gear, manual, registration fee and two (2) open water dives, certified to 40ft / 12m
PADI Open Water Diver Certification - $500.00 USD Three to four (3-4) days (performance based). Certification includes all the necessary dive gear, manual, registration fee and four (4) open water dives, certified to 60ft / 18m
PADI Referral Course - $350.00 USD (includes four (4) training dives, equipment rental and certification card
PADI Refresher Course - $110.00 USD for persons who have not been diving for more than two (2) years
PADI Adventure Diver - $280.00 USD includes three (3) elective specialty dives
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification - $400.00 USD, two to four (2 - 4) days, includes all necessary dive gear, manuals registration fee and 5 open water adventure dives, certified to 100ft / 40m
PADI Rescue Diver Certification - $450.00 USD (5 sessions + two (2) dives)
PADI Divemaster Certification - $600.00 USD
PADI Specialty Courses available

Negril Scuba Diving :: Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

Discover Scuba Diving (3 hrs) - $80.00 USD
Scuba Diver - $250.00 USD
Open Water - $350.00 USD
Refresher Course - $80.00 USD
Advanced Open Water - $300.00 USD
Rescue Diver - $350.00 USD
E.F.R.(First Aid) - $50.00 USD
Dive Master - $600.00 USD

Certified Scuba Divers

Scuba Diving Certification 1 Tank - $40.00 USD
Scuba Diving Certification 2 Tank - $70.00 USD
Scuba Diving Certification 3 Tank - $130.00 USD
Scuba Diving Certification 6 Tank - $180.00 USD
Scuba Diving Certification 10 Tank - $250.00 USD
Scuba Diving Certification Night Dives - $45.00 USD

Port Antonio Scuba Diving :: Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

Dive Packages - per person includes tanks and weights

2 Dives/Same Day - $84.00 USD
4 DIVE PACKAGE - $152.00 USD
5 To 8 Dive Package - A.@ $30.00 USD
9 Dives or More Package - EA.@ $26.00 USD
Night Dives - Additional - $10.00 USD
Plus $7.00 each dive for rental gear (BC vest, Reg/Octo/Console, Mask, Fins, Wetsuit)

Certification Courses

Bubble Makers (Ages 8-11, Pool Only) - $55.00 USD
Discover Scuba Diving (Resort) - $95.00 USD
Open Water P.A.D.I. (3-5 days) - $400.00 USD
Open Water Referral (4 Training Dives) - 240.00 USD
Advanced Open Water P.A.D.I. - $350.00 USD
(may cross over from any organization)
Rescue Diver P.A.D.I. - $400.00 USD
Dive Master P.A.D.I. - $600.00 USD
EFR (PADI First Aid and CPR) - $100.00 USD
Ask about Specialties, Master Diver, Assistant Instructor, and Instructor Programs.

Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry


Currency Symbols:

AUD = Austalian Dollars
CAD = Canadian Dollars
CHF = Swish Franc
EUR = Euro (European Union)
GBP = British Pound
HKD = Hong Kong Dollars
JMD = Jamaican Dollars
JPY = Japanese Yen
SEK = Swedish Krona
USD = US (United State of America) Dollars


About Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a method of swimming under water using specialist diving apparatus knows as scuba dive set. Scuba diving is an abbreviation of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The most commonly used scuba set today is the single-hose open circuit 2-stage diving regulator, coupled to a single pressurized gas cylinder, with the first stage on the cylinder and the second stage at the mouthpiece.

Scuba diving with full scuba set allows a diver to stay underwater for longer duration than a regular free diving. With the use of the diving equipment and fins a diver can explore beautiful Caribbean coral reefs, diving wrecks, open water dive, explore the ocean floor, survey marine life and more… You can cover vast area on a single dive using a diver propulsion vehicle or dive scooter.

Scuba Diving Equipment (Scuba Set)

A scuba dive set consist of one or more dive tank fill with compress air, buoyancy compensator jacket, scuba mask, scuba gauges, diving regulator, wetsuit or dry suit, scuba fins, scuba boots, dive gloves, dry dive snorkel, weight belt, diving watch – Extra equipment :: Digital dive computer, diving anorak …

Scuba Diving Resorts in Jamaica

Most tourist resorts in Jamaica such as Port Antonio – Portland, Montego Bay – Saint James, Negril – Westmoreland, Kingston – Capital of Jamaica, Ocho Rios – St. Ann, Discovery Bay – St. Ann, Treasure Beach – St. Elizabeth, Runaway Bay – St. Ann, FalmouthTrelawny, Trelawny – Cornwall and Boscobel Beach – St Mary offer scuba diving trips.

Tropical Coral Reefs Dive

Tropical coral reef diving offers some of the most beautiful exotic diving experience in the world. Coral reefs have one of the most diverse marine environments with a wide variety of fish, coral species, marine life and marine fauna. The water is often crystal clear so that you can see the beautiful colors of the corals and rainbow colors of the tropical fish.

Tropical Marine Gardens

The tropical marine gardens are the nursery of the Caribbean, where you fish feed and seek shelter between the colorful corals. The wide expanse of sea grass offers great feeding opportunities for fish, hiding place for predators and where you can see great school of fish. The pristine white sand on the ocean floor reflects the blue sky giving the water its torques color, where bottom feeders feed and borrow into the sand.

Tropical Coral Reef Species

The most common species of corals are brain coral, bubble coral, carpet anemone, clubbed finger coral, club-tipped anemone, cup coral, elkhorn coral, flowerpot coral, green anemone, lettuce coral, purple base anemone, red cauliflower coral, sea fan, sea mat, sea whip, staghorn coral, star coral, sun coral and torch coral.

Coral Reef Fish Species

Some of the most abundant species of tropical fish on the coral reef are angel fish, anthias, basslets, bat fish, blennies, box fish, butterfly fish, cardinals, clown fish, damsels, dart fish, dotty backs, dragonets, dwarf angels, eels, filefish, frog fish, goat fish, gobies, groupers, grunts, hawk fish, hogfish, jaw fish, lion fish, puffer fish, rabbit fish, rays, sea horses, sharks, snappers, squirrel fish, tangs, triggerfish and wrasses.

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