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Coral Reef Snorkelling in Jamaica :: Jamaica Watersports


Jamaica Snorkeling Trip at The Coral Reef

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Snorkeling at the coral reef

Snorkeling (snorkelling) is the practice of swimming on the surface of the water while equipped with a diving mask, snorkel (tube extend from the mouth to about six inches above the water) and swimming fins. A wetsuit or a dry suit will be required if you are swimming in cooler water. Swimming on the surface equipped with snorkeling apparatus allows you explore the beautiful coral reef and exotic fish.

Snorkeling Lesson

Snorkeling lesson are taught in most tourist resorts and is very easy to learn how to snorkel. Most beginner should only venture out to a reef or open water with a qualify snorkel instructor. Choose a reef where it is shallow enough to stand if you want to stop for a breather or clear your mask. Some reef has strong current which if not careful can cause you to drift into deeper water. Your snorkel instructor is there to guide you or assist if you get into difficulties.

Jamaica Snorkeling Resorts

Most coral reefs are normally a little way off shore and require a boat to get to it. All major tourist resorts in Jamaica such as Port Antonio – Portland, Montego Bay – Saint James, Negril – Westmoreland, Kingston – Capital of Jamaica, Ocho Rios – St. Ann, Discovery Bay – St. Ann, Treasure Beach – St. Elizabeth, Runaway Bay – St. Ann, FalmouthTrelawny, Trelawny – Cornwall and Boscobel Beach – St Mary, offering daily snorkelling trips. All equipments boat, experience crew and captain are included in the cost of a snorkelling trip.

Explore Some of Jamaica's Best Coral Reefs

stingray swinming on the bottom

Tropical coral reefs are among nature's most diverse ecosystems, composed of thousands of species of fish, plants, corals, invertebrates, and microorganisms. Their natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists and divers each year. Coral reefs built up slowly over time by algae and corals which leave behind calcified deposits. Coral reefs are found in the warm, clear, shallow waters of tropical oceans worldwide. Reefs have functions ranging from providing food and shelter to fish and invertebrates to protecting the shore from erosion. Revenue generated from tourists attracted to the beautiful coral reefs can be a significant source of income for local communities in these areas.

Coral Reef Fish Species

At the coral reef, you can swim amongst the bright colorful corals, observe a vast variety of beautiful tropical fish in there natural environment and the vibrant marine life. Some of the most abundant species of tropical fish on the coral reef are angel fish, anthias, basslets, bat fish, blennies, box fish, butterfly fish, cardinals, clown fish, damsels, dart fish, dotty backs, dragonets, dwarf angels, eels, filefish, frog fish, goat fish, gobies, groupers, grunts, hawk fish, hogfish, jaw fish, lion fish, puffer fish, rabbit fish, rays, sea horses, sharks, snappers, squirrel fish, tangs, triggerfish and wrasses.

Tropical Coral Reef Species

The most common species of corals are brain coral, bubble coral, carpet anemone, clubbed finger coral, club-tipped anemone, cup coral, elkhorn coral, flowerpot coral, green anemone, lettuce coral, purple base anemone, red cauliflower coral, sea fan, sea mat, sea whip, staghorn coral, star coral, sun coral and torch coral.

Coral reef organisms can tolerate only a narrow range of environmental conditions; reefs are sensitive to damage from environmental changes and human activities. Corals and marine life should not be touch or disturb where possible. Care must be taken when snorkeling at the reef so not to cause any damage or undue stress to the marine life.

You should always ensure that your snorkeling equipment fit perfectly to prevent leakage or discomfort. When buying snorkeling gear, try buying from a shop that you can visit so that you can try on the equipment for a better fit. Try on the mask by moving the strap hair out of the way, push the mask firmly onto your face; it will remain in place if it is a good fit. Make sure that all snorkeling equipments are a comfortable fit, because snorkeling trips can last up-to a hour or more.


Snorkelling  |   Click Here for No Obligation Booking Enquiry

Cost: $35.00 USD | £22.00 GBP | €28.00 EUR | $40.00 CAD

Per person (including boat ride, all equipment, captain and snorkelling guide.

Duration 1:00 - 1:30 hour

Group discount available – 10% plus.

Currency Symbols:

AUD = Austalian Dollars
CAD = Canadian Dollars
CHF = Swish Franc
EUR = Euro (European Union)
GBP = British Pound
HKD = Hong Kong Dollars
JMD = Jamaican Dollars
JPY = Japanese Yen
SEK = Swedish Krona
USD = US (United State of America) Dollars

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