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Jamaica Scene
Jamaica Travel Services
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Cruise Ship Sightseeing Tours Jamaica | Montego Bay | Ocho Rios

Cruise Ship Docked at Ocho Rios Pier


See full list of Cruise Ship Excursion and Sightseeing Tours.

Jamaica Popular Caribbean Cruise Destination

Jamaica one of the Caribbean's most popular cruise ship and vacation destinations. Experience Jamaica's natural beauty by one of the many sightseeing tours & excursions and feel welcome by the warm and loving Jamaican people. Cruises to Jamaica are popular among families, the elderly, couples, and other. For those picking romantic or honeymoon cruises Jamaica is an especially popular choice.

Jamaica Cruise Ship Transportation and Taxi Services

Seven Seater Bus

All our Charter Services Operators vehicles are fully air-conditioned 4-7 seater Taxi, 15-30 seater buses and coaches. Luxury Limousine service is also available. All Taxi and Tour drivers are fully trained, licensed and approved by the Jamaica Tourist Board. We offer a 24 hour, seven day a week, taxi and tour charter service. We go that "Extra Mile" to ensure that you have a rich and enjoyable experience.

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Jamaica Cruises Ship Sightseeing Tours & Water Sports

Fifteen Seater Bus

Cruises Ship Tours in Ocho Rios Jamaica will likely include a visit to the beautiful Dunn's River Falls and a visit to nearby Dolphin Cove. Visitors will enjoy the flora and fauna that make this tropical paradise a truly unforgettable place. Then visit Dunns River Falls and enjoy the refreshing waters of this true wonder of nature.

Cruises Ship Tours in Montego Bay Jamaica include visits to some of the impressive plantation great houses and a special visit to Bob Marley's birthplace in Nile Mile, Browns Town.

You can also enjoy some of the wonderful watersports on offer in both destination, such as deep sea fishing, Dunns river falls cruise, glass bottom boat, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkelling and many other water sports.

Frank The Bus Driver

Take an excursions to one of the many historical great houses and working plantations that were formerly grand estates. You may wish to experience the in beauty of Jamaica interior with a guided river ride on a bamboo raft through the tropical rain forest and see a variety of birds, flora and fauna.

For those who want a bit more adventure can take a river kayaking trip, take a Canopy Tour or just glide down the river (River Tubing). Enjoy a round of golf on one of Jamaica famous championship courses or just laze on the beach with a Red Stipe Bear or cocktail.

Jamaica Cruises Ship Shopping Tours

Opportunities for shopping, one of the most popular pastimes of cruise passengers, are abundant in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Shop in one of the many Jamaica Shopping Malls, which enables those who are looking for the finest in duty free merchandise, to avail themselves of the highest quality jewelry, watches, perfumes, leather goods, linens, crystal, electronic components, photographic and video equipment, pens and much more. Duty-free and other quality shops selling clothing, Blue Mountain Coffee, records, cigars, Jamaican rum and liquors, postcards and other fine merchandise.

Craft Market Shopping Tours in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay

Vendors will weave a hat or a basket while you wait, or you can buy a ready made hat, hamper, handbag, place mats, or lamp shade. Other stands stock hand-embroidered goods and will make small items while you wait. Wood carvers work on bowls, ashtrays, statues and cups.

Cruise Ship Shore Excursion Tours in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay Jamaica

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